How to redirect Gmail to Inbox?

Gmail pops your eyes out? Has Inbox caught your eye and has been quietly squatting your browser tabs for months? Why not definitely go over it, then? It's very easy and you just have to activate a simple option to set up a redirection from the first to the second.

This option obviously does not fall from the sky. In reality, it is offered by Google himself and you will therefore not have to put your hands in the grease to activate it. Not at all even and this is obviously a good thing for all people who are not comfortable with computers.

How To Redirect Gmail To Inbox

If you'd rather use Inbox than Gmail, then this little tip should be of great interest to you.

Even they are more numerous than one might think.

You just need to check a box to activate redirection from Gmail to Inbox

To start, you will have to go to Inbox by following this link: . When this is done, you will have to open the accordion menu and go down in the list to the “Parameters” entry. It is completely at the bottom, under the labels. Click on it to bring up the settings window.

There you will see a list of all your filters appear. The settings menu is on the left. The option that interests you is the last. Just click on “Other” to bring up the advanced settings.

Congratulations, you have done the hard part. Now you will need to check the box next to “Redirect Gmail to” to enable redirect.

It also means that you just have to click on the “Gmail” link on Google to access your inbox. The same goes for all the similar links you find online.

So what if you want to come back to Gmail? No problem, just do the opposite and uncheck this famous box by snooping around in the Inbox settings.

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