How to remove unwanted programs from your PC?

PC Decrapifier should be of interest to technicians but also to anyone who has just bought a new PC. And for good reason because this program will allow them to very easily remove all the programs pre-installed on the computers sold by manufacturers. And be careful because he has a lot of trumps up his sleeve.

Anyone who has come to lay their hands on a commercial PC will know that most manufacturers tend to shield their setups by pre-installing a ton of software.

How To Remove Unwanted Programs From Your Pc

Need to clean up your PC? No problem, there is freeware for that.

If they do, it's not for your pretty eyes (sorry) but because the publishers of these solutions generally give them a big check.

A program to remove all crapware from your PC

As a result of shopping, it often takes one or two hours to clean up the PC after unpacking it. Fortunately, there are software solutions that save a lot of time and PC Decrapifier is one of them.

Available on all the latest versions of Windows, this tool is offered as freeware and is therefore completely free. Beautiful, but it is not finished because it will not be necessary to install it on your bike to take advantage of its services.

And no, because it is a portable version. The class.

And then ? After launching the executable, the tool will offer you to scan your computer. It will then be enough to click on a button to launch the analysis. When it is finished, PC Decrapifier will display a list of all the programs installed on your machine and you will only have to check the boxes of the tools you want to remove.

When this is done, you will have to click on a last button to launch the operation. Its duration obviously depends on the number of programs to be uninstalled but also on the power of your machine.

In short, if you need to clean a friend's PC or even your mother-in-law's PC, then this is clearly the software for you and something tells me that it might give you back. proud service.

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