How to reset the Freebox Server?

The Freebox Server works pretty well, that's a fact, but sometimes it crumbles. While a simple restart is enough to fix most problems, it may also be necessary to reset it to get it back on track. You do not know how ? No need to call Free because this article will detail the whole operation.

I am not writing this guide completely by accident. In fact, my router's WiFi completely gave me up last week, leaving a good chunk of my local network loose.

How To Reset The Freebox Server

Reinitializing the Freebox Server is not very complicated… when you know how to do it.

I have tried several Sioux tricks without success. The router didn't want to know anything, so it had to be reset to get everything back to normal.

Everything will happen on the Freebox Server

Fortunately, Free did it right and the operation is not very complicated. In all likelihood, even my baker should be able to follow this procedure. It must also be said that she is doing better and better. Here, yesterday, she even asked me for advice on setting up a VPN at her house.

But let's get back to our sheep, and therefore to the subject of this article.

To reset the Freebox Server, you will first have to unplug it. Then wait a few seconds and put the cable back in place.

When the “Freebox” logo appears on the screen, immediately press the down arrow. It is located a little to the right. If you are lucky you will see a menu appear consisting of three options: “normal boot” , “emergency boot” and “factory setting” .

The thing is, you have to have good reflexes and so it might not work the first time. In this case, you will have to retry the operation by unplugging the router again.

Three options to choose from

Normal start is the option selected by default and it is therefore not necessary to detail its operation, unlike emergency start.

This option will be especially useful if your Freebox Server refuses to start and if it gets stuck at a stage. By choosing this mode, all your settings will be effectively ignored and the router will start up with minimal services.

It's a bit like Windows Safe Mode, in short.

What about the factory settings then? There, it's simple, if you select this option then all the settings will be automatically deleted and the box will become snow-white again.

Rest assured though because you won't need to re-configure everything behind. In fact, once the Freebox Server has started, it will offer you to retrieve your parameters and settings.

I did this at home and it allowed me to find my configuration… with a working WiFi.

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