how to save contacts from phonebook to android

how to save contacts from phonebook to android

Times have changed and now everyone has a smartphone, no need for the notebook with where the phone numbers are written to be saved in case the phone breaks down. In this short article we aim to tell you how to save contacts from your phonebook and how they can be transferred to other platforms, such as your computer.

At present, all personal information, or most of it, is stored in the mobile phone that we always have with us. But what happens when it is stolen, dropped and destroyed, infected and in need of a complete reset or damaged in various other ways so that it becomes inoperable? How do you call someone and save your phone numbers? There are various phonebook transfer options on your computer or other support platforms, and we'll talk about them in the following.

How to save phonebook contacts to Google

Perhaps the easiest way to stay with access to your entire Android phonebook, regardless of the device you're calling from, is to save phone contacts in Gmail . One of the main advantages of creating a Gmail account to use on your phone is that you can save a lot of data and files, including pictures and phone numbers.

After setting up your Gmail account on your mobile, you will see that from the settings you can synchronize or transfer the Android phonebook. Consequently, through the address you will have access via Gmail to phone contacts even after you change your terminal. In order not to lose any number, it is useful to synchronize from time to time . It is worth mentioning that not all mobile phones will allow such a synchronization of contacts (Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.).

Those who are wondering where to find the contacts in Gmail just have to log in to the account on the PC and enter the mail, in the upper right part with the application menu where there are also Contacts ( It is the simplest method of transferring the phonebook to the computer, without cables.

how to save contacts from phonebook to android

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