How to save space on your smartphone?

The life of a smartphone is not easy. Over time, and as applications and files accumulate, its memory fills up and it may even end up being totally full. In this case, it is imperative to roll up your sleeves and do a good cleaning of your terminal. There are also several tips and techniques that every smartphone user should know.

In general, the first reflex to adopt is to make an inventory of all the contents of the storage. It will then be necessary to proceed to a careful sorting and to remove – of course – what is not necessary.

How To Save Space On Your Smartphone

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These tips may seem pretty basic, but they will undoubtedly be useful to some of you.

We start with the applications

When your phone's memory starts to show signs of weakening, it's time to take your courage in both hands and think about reorganizing the content from the ground up.

To do this, it will be preferable to start by focusing on the applications, taking stock of the tools actually used and those which are a little less used. If you haven't launched a game or an application for several weeks, then it will probably be better to delete it directly, even if you need to download it again if necessary.

On some platforms like Android, you must also take into account the cache system used by the applications. It can actually cause them to gain a lot of weight over the versions. The good news is that you just have to go to your phone's settings (applications section) to empty it.

This point is all the more true for music applications like Spotify or Deezer, as they allow the user to store the tracks of their choice in cache to listen to them offline.

The same goes for Netflix, which also offers this function for certain content.

If you do not want to perform all these operations by hand, you can also place using dedicated solutions, such as the essential CCleaner . If it is your mailbox that tends to take a little too much weight with the many advertising emails that are sent to you, then you can turn to Cleanfox .

And we continue with the files

Intervening in applications is not enough. It is also necessary to review the files to be deleted such as videos, photos and unnecessary music.

The easiest solution is to do regular sorting by transferring your old photos and videos to your computer. If that's not enough, you can also rely on cloud storage solutions like OneDrive or even Dropbox.

In this case, however, you will have to opt for fine-tuning and thus activate synchronization for certain folders only, otherwise you end up with a cache of several gigabytes.

Be careful though, because not all of your files are necessarily in your gallery. In reality, applications can store content as well. MMS is a very good example. Deleting old conversations can save you a bit of space again.

This also applies to Android, but also to iOS. In this area, all platforms are equal.

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