How to send ephemeral emails with Gmail?

Gmail is a fairly comprehensive service, it's true, but it's not perfect, and ultimately lacks a few options to meet all needs. Like being able to send ephemeral emails, for example. Fortunately, you just have to go snooping around on the extensions side to overcome this lack and that is quite good because that is precisely what Dmail offers.

I grant you, not everyone will necessarily have the usefulness of such a tool but this extension can be very practical in certain cases, and in particular if you do not want your correspondence to fall between bad hands.

How To Send Ephemeral Emails With Gmail

It is not very complicated to send ephemeral emails with Gmail. You just have to install the right extension.

After all, it's not just the walls that have big ears, right?

Dmail is only available on Chrome at the moment

Especially since Dmail does not content itself with sticking an expiration date on your fiery missives. No, it will also be able to encrypt all communications using a 256-bit algorithm.

Okay, but how does it work then? The first thing to do will be to go to the publisher's site and install the extension on your Chrome. When this is done, you will have to go back to Gmail and refresh the page by clicking on the corresponding button in the toolbar of your favorite browser.

There, all you have to do is start writing a new message and fill in the various fields offered as if nothing had happened. Basically, you will have to indicate the email address of the recipient of the message, add a title and type the content of your email. Nothing new on that side, then.

No, but you will also find a new toolbar placed between the content of the message and the send button.

How To Send Ephemeral Emails With Gmail 1

A capture of the Dmail integration.

The messages will be sent to the Dmail servers, without the decryption keys

It is managed by Dmail and it will allow you to take advantage of the advanced functions offered by the editor. Thanks to the options present there, you can activate the extension and define an expiration period for your message.

There you will have four options to choose from: “never” , “In 1 hour” , “In 1 day” or “In 1 week” . Guess you don't need to draw a picture, right? After making your choice, all you have to do is click on the send button and the extension will take care of the rest.

The recipient will not receive your message directly, but a link pointing to the publisher's servers. Everything is effectively managed on its infrastructure but it will not keep the decryption keys and they will thus be sent to the person targeted by your message.

She obviously won't need to click a link to view the content of the message if she has Dmail installed on her own browser.

For the moment, the solution is offered in beta and it is completely free. Ultimately, the publisher will launch three premium formulas for advanced users, startups and businesses. If you want to know more, just click on the link at the beginning of the article.


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