How to stop OS X Yosemite from spying on you?

OS X Yosemite brings a lot of interesting new features and in the bundle, it is obviously impossible not to mention the new version of Spotlight. And for good reason since the latter is no longer limited to the hard drive of your machine. It is indeed able to search for content on the web and this is precisely what makes all its charm. Only downside, the rascal also has the annoying tendency to… send our data to Apple and Microsoft.

If you have Yosemite installed on your Mac then you should know that Spotlight now behaves like an assistant. For example, you just need to type in the keyword “restaurants” to quickly see the list of the best addresses located around our location.

How To Stop Os X Yosemite From Spying On You

Spotlight is sometimes a little too curious, but it is perfectly possible to muzzle it.

Convenient, isn't it? Certainly, and it works with everything. You can type the name of a famous person to see a summary of his biography or the name of a monument to obtain more information about him.

No need to launch your browser, except for a little more in-depth research of course.

Spotlight and Safari: two friends who wish you well

But now, everything has a price and to offer us these functions, Apple is obliged to recover a certain amount of information. Like our location, for example, or even the keywords we enter in the search box. In addition, the firm also transmits all data related to web searches to Microsoft. Why ? Quite simply because Spotlight is powered by… Bing.

So of course, it is perfectly possible to put Yosemite back on the right track and therefore order him not to recover this information.

All you have to do is open System Preferences and go to the Spotlight module. There, you will have the possibility to customize the way the search engine works, and even to deactivate certain features.

Then all you have to do is uncheck Spotlight suggestions, bookmarks & history and Bing web searches to prevent Apple and Microsoft from recovering your data.

Just remember to do the same thing with Safari since it also offers suggestions related to Spotlight. To do so, you will only have to open the browser preferences, and go to the tab dedicated to search. There, towards the bottom, you will have to uncheck the box named “Include Spotlight Suggestions” .

If you don't want to take the lead, then know that an enthusiast has developed a script in Python to put Yosemite back on the right track. It is available at this address . After downloading it, all you have to do is launch it to activate it and clean your machine.

This makes sense, but if you turn off these features, then Spotlight will no longer be able to search the web for content and will simply search… your files and folders.