How to test Skype for Web from France?

Skype is currently offered as an application to install on a computer, phone or tablet, but Microsoft has also developed a web version accessible from any advanced browser. It was only available in private beta until now but that just changed.

The publisher has effectively decided to open the doors of its platform to as many people as possible and all people residing in the United States or even in England can use it now.

How To Test Skype For Web From France

All it takes is a simple VPN to access Skype for Web.

Unfortunately, this is not yet the case in France, Belgium or even Switzerland. At least not officially, because there is a little trick to get around the limitation put in place by Microsoft.

All it takes is a VPN to bypass the limitation put in place by Microsoft

In reality, all you have to do is go through a VPN located in one of the countries where the portal is accessible.

Simple, right? Not necessarily and not for neophytes. Fortunately, you just have to dig a little deeper to find turnkey tools that are easy to set up. Tools like Hola, for example.

If you do not know it, then know that it comes in the form of a simple extension available both on Chrome and Firefox.

To download it, simply go to the official website of the project by following this link and click on the version corresponding to your browser.

The utility will install in stride and a new icon will then appear in your browser's toolbar, an icon resembling a small flame smiling at you.

There, all you have to do is go to Skype for Web and identify yourself using your Microsoft account. The service should then display a message indicating that the service is only available by invitation.

Rest assured because this is precisely the limitation mentioned a little above. To bypass it, simply click on the extension icon and click on the American flag to locate you in the United States.

The Skype page will then refresh and you will see the service welcome message appear.

Beautiful, of course, but it must be said that Hola has been at the center of all the debates since last month. The service is effectively accused of reselling its users' bandwidth to third parties. It's up to you to see if the game is (really) worth the candle.


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