how to use and maintain the microwave oven for baking cake

How To Use And Maintain The Microwave It is a whole debate for and against the use of the microwave. However, in the end it all comes down to preferences. For those of you who use it we have some useful tips and tricks. If you want to buy a microwave, take a look at our article on the Best Microwave .

Safe microwave dishes

How To Use And Maintain The Microwave 1 Many of us have noticed what happens to the foil placed in the microwave: an honorable fireworks show. However, just because a certain vessel is not made of metal, does not mean that it can be used safely. Most ceramic, glass and some plastic containers can be used safely in the microwave. Some of them have a label or symbol that indicates this. Although it is convenient to use a plastic casserole to reheat food, most are not indicated and will even melt if used too much. Here is a simple test to check if a certain container is safe to use.

1. Fill a cup that you know is okay with water.
2. Put the cup of water in the container you want to test in the microwave.
3. Turn on the oven at maximum power for 1 minute.
4. If the water is hot and the tested container is cold, it is safe to use. Otherwise, if the container is hot, it cannot be used.

Also take care of the ceramic tableware with metallic decorations (gold or silver).

Reheating food

The main use of the microwave is to heat already prepared food. Many people cover food when they heat it because they do not want to clean the debris that jumps on the walls of the oven. Although the plastic food foil is safe to use, be careful not to touch the food during heating. In specialty stores you can find special plastic lids for this operation. It is also recommended to mix food from time to time during heating. This will help even heating and reduce the risk of bacteria surviving in cold areas.

Foods that should not be heated in the microwave

How To Use And Maintain The Microwave 2 Although the microwave is a quick and convenient way to prepare and heat food, there are certain foods that should never be put in it. These tips can save your oven and save you from a possible trip to the hospital in case of an unwanted accident. Hard boiled eggs should not be heated in the microwave. Do not try to cook or reheat them even if you have peeled them. When you put an egg in the microwave shell it is like a small bomb. And a peeled egg can cause a small explosion, so don't put it in the oven. If you want to cook an egg in the microwave, break it when it is raw and before putting it in the oven, break the yolk. You also can't microwave stuffed chicken. The microwave oven heats the food much faster than a conventional oven and in this way the filling will not reach the desired temperature.

Easy cleaning

How To Use And Maintain The Microwave 3 When the inevitable food explosion has occurred, there are several methods that will make your cleaning job easier. Heat a glass or bowl of water and a little vinegar in the oven for five minutes. This operation will soften the hardened debris on the oven walls. All you have to do is wipe the walls with a cloth and all the dirt will be removed very easily.
You can also use a lemon cut in half and put it face down in a plate with a little water and heat them for a minute. And this method should produce enough steam to make cleaning easier.

The microwave oven is an extremely useful device that can cook delicious food in a very short time. And it is always irreplaceable for the preparation of a delicious Popcorn.

Follow our tips to enjoy your microwave without problems or accidents for a long time.

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