How to use Netflix on a rooted phone?

Netflix recently rolled out a new version of its Android app, one that is incompatible with rooted smartphones. There is however a trick to bypass the limitation put in place.

The incompatibility mentioned a little above does not really come from the company itself, but rather from the DRM system used by its application. The latest version indeed uses Widevine and the latter would not be compatible with rooted phones or even devices with an unlocked bootloader .

How To Use Netflix On A Rooted Phone

In any case, this is the explanation given by Netflix to Android Police.

Netflix: the new DRM system is incompatible with rooted devices

This step was not taken by chance. Root, as some of you probably know, consists of obtaining administrator rights on an Android phone or tablet. When this is done, the user has access to all of the platform's configuration files and this applies in particular to their cache.

Thanks to root, it is therefore potentially possible to access multimedia files stored locally by tools like Netflix, Prime Video or even Spotify.

In order to avoid abuse, Google has therefore made its DRM system incompatible with rooted devices and it is precisely for this reason that Netflix can no longer be installed on these devices.

If you go to the application page on the Play Store, then you will see a message appearing warning you that your terminal is incompatible. Not terrible, of course, but there is a workaround.

It simply consists of installing the APK file manually on your phone. To do this, nothing complicated, just start by going to the options of your phone, and more precisely in the options corresponding to its security. There, it will simply activate the installation of applications from unknown sources and then go to APK Mirror to manually download the Netflix installation file.

When this is done, all you have to do is launch its installation by tapping on it, from the notification center or from any file explorer. The platform will obviously ask you to confirm your choice and you just have to tap on the appropriate button to do so. Just remember to return to the options to deactivate the option relating to unknown sources.

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