how to watch youtube without ads on pc

how to watch youtube without ads on pc

Youtube has become a very profitable business, accumulating billions of dollars in native ads and sponsorships, which can also be included in the category of ads, if you do not necessarily want to support the content creators you are looking at. How can you get rid of at least those annoying commercials that appear every few minutes or even more often, and that make you want to watch the video? Here are some tricks.

The promotion of services and products can be found everywhere, from TV to radio, on banners and advertising posters, on buildings and sites or even on the YouTube platform, where more and more advertisers buy space. And that translates to an increased number of interruptions and commercials when you simply want to watch a video on the famous platform. The need urges you to look for solutions for YouTube without ads and, fortunately, you will find solutions other than waiting a few seconds until you can press the Skip button.

Subscribe to YouTube Premium

Youtube Premium Romania is the safest, simplest and risk-free solution for blocking ads and avoiding wasting time when you want to see or listen to something on this platform. The company came up with this solution to satisfy its customers more and more frustrated by the appearance of more and more prominent advertisements. Thus, with a monthly subscription of a few euros, you no longer wonder "how do I get rid of ads?".

And very often, especially on mobile devices, the official application invites you to try this feature for free for a month, promising to notify you seven days before the end of this period, so you can quit before evading payment on card for a second month.

Those who listen to music on Youtube and watch videos can download them without problems, to enjoy them without ads on Youtube Android when they are on the plane, on the train or when children are in the car and need a distraction. Last but not least, you get access to Google Play Music, both on your phone and on your desktop.

how to watch youtube without ads on pc

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