how work wireless charging for phones


how work wireless charging for phones

Technological innovations have led to the emergence of those wireless charging stations, where the user no longer uses cables, because he can simply put his phone or device on that charger to charge his battery. Is the wireless charging method worth trying? Let's see.

Technology is evolving to help humanity in one way or another at every step. Among the new or almost new features available more and more often on the market is wireless charging, which has been designed to help mobile device users when they need little power for mobile, but do not have wires at hand or want to get rid of them, because they are unsightly. However, some information about this type of upload may be useful, so we invite you to read on.

What is wireless charging

Wireless or wireless charging of mobile devices uses a technology called inductive charging . This is explained by an energy transfer between two terminals that use the electromagnetic field. This system focuses on two coils, one located in the loading platform and one in the phone. So keep in mind that not all phones are compatible with wireless charging.

In short, you can have a phone battery charge without a charger, getting rid of those unsightly cables that you unplug from all outlets. Currently, mobile phone manufacturers use a standard that allows charging devices that are at a maximum distance of 40 mm from the charging platform.

how work wireless charging for phones

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