HP Chromebook x2, between netbook and tablet

HP unveiled a very interesting machine at the start of the week, the Chromebook x2 . As its name more or less suggests, this machine is equally capable of acting as a netbook or a touch pad.

HP has in fact opted for a slightly different format this time and the American manufacturer has thus given us a convertible capable of fulfilling either role, thanks to a magnetic hinge system.

Hp Chromebook X2 Between Netbook And Tablet

Like Microsoft's Surface, the Chromebook x2 is made up of two separate parts and the keyboard is therefore not welded to the rest of the machine. It will therefore be perfectly possible to detach it by gently pulling on the hinge.

Chromebook x2, a convertible under Chrome OS

Chrome OS has evolved a lot since its very first version and the system seems to be moving more and more towards touch. The next version should therefore focus on this dimension and the machine presented by HP is therefore perfectly in line with this dynamic.

Still, the finishes of the Chromebook x2 are irreproachable and the tablet part is thus in the form of a screen directly welded to a brushed aluminum case whose connections are distributed over the edges.

Unlike the Surface, the Chromebook x2 is not equipped with a removable stand and it is therefore the hinge that alone will support the weight of the tablet.

Neat finishes

Fortunately, HP seems to have taken the utmost care in this part and this hinge thus appears to be thick and strong enough to be able to handle this task.

In terms of the technical part, the manufacturer has opted for a 12.3-inch IPS screen capable of displaying 2400 x 1600 and compatible with the HP Active Pen (supplied) and an Intel Core m3 coupled with 4 or 8 GB of RAM. The storage space reaches 32 GB and it can be extended by means of a micro SD card. For the rest, there are two USB Type-C ports, a headphone jack and a battery giving 10 hours of autonomy to the whole.

The Chromebook x2 will be available starting June 10 at a price of $ 599.

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