HP launches the HP ZBook x2, a technological marvel

HP is one of the biggest multinationals in the tech industry. The American company took advantage of a conference organized by Adobe to unveil its new project: the “ ZBook x2 ”, a two-in-one workstation dedicated to image professionals. It is a tablet PC far exceeding the configurations and capabilities of Microsoft's Surfaces tablets and Apple's MacBook Pros.

ZBook x2 is not made for the general public, its capabilities are very advanced compared to simple PCs. It is able to receive a Core i7 8650U, that is to say four cores and eight threads. It also integrates a maximum of 32 GB of RAM. It is therefore the ideal PC for creators and all those looking for a powerful and nomadic machine.

Hp Launches The Hp Zbook X2 A Technological Marvel

Because indeed, this real technological gem weighs only 1.65 kg without its keyboard. It is therefore easily transportable.

The main features of the HP ZBook x2

HP did not skimp on the means. Apart from its Intel Core i7, the ZBook x2 incorporates 32 GB of RAM and a professional graphics card Nvidia Geforce Quadro M620 certified for professional applications such as Adobe Premiere. It also comes with up to 2TB PCIe NVMe SSDs.

It also has a fourteen-inch 4K screen. It weighs 1.65 kg without its Bluetooth keyboard, the latter weighs 0.52 kg. It will also be supplied with a Wacom stylus.

Its GPU is not very suitable for video games, on the other hand, it is ideal for processing 3D images and its storage space is 512 GB in M.2 SSD.

A convertible that plays in the big leagues

The HP ZBook x2 has programmable shortcut buttons on the side of its keyboard. It incorporates complete connectivity for professional use. It has two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a USB 3.0 Type-A port, an HDMI 1.4 output and a 3.5mm jack port.

The machine will also be equipped with a fingerprint detector and two cameras: one on the front (720p) and the other on the back (8MP). For now, no details have yet been provided on the autonomy of the device, but the combination of the TDP of the processor and the graphics circuit suggests that it will not last more than a day.

The official release of the HP ZBook x2 is scheduled for December in the United States. Its launch price will be 1749 euros for the base model.

Hp Launches The Hp Zbook X2 A Technological Marvel 1

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