Huawei back with three new MateBook

Huawei obviously does not intend to limit itself to smartphones. The Chinese company has indeed lifted the veil earlier in the week on three new MateBooks powered by Windows 10. Very elegant, they are likely to turn some heads and they could quickly establish themselves as a solid alternative to the MacBook.

These three machines all have one thing in common: neat finishes and a beautiful brushed aluminum shell.

Huawei Back With Three New Matebook

For the rest, they ultimately target audiences that are very different from one another.

MateBook X: a new competitor for the MacBook

The MateBook X is positioned in the ultrabook segment. Very thin, it is also provided with a beautiful borderless screen occupying about 88% of the surface of the chassis. The manufacturer has succeeded in reducing the edges surrounding the slab to their strict minimum and thus do not exceed 4.4 mm.

Diagonal side, the machine starts on a 13-inch slab with a definition reaching 2160 x 1440. The processor will obviously depend on the models. The cheapest versions will be powered by an Intel Core i5, against Intel Core i7 for the more powerful models. All with 7th generation chips.

The RAM will also depend on the models and will thus be between 4 and 8 GB. Same thing for storage. The internal memory will indeed oscillate between 256 and 512 GB. Color level, we will have the choice between gold, rose gold and dark gray.

MateBook D: quiet strength

The MateBook D will be a little more imposing and it will thus have a screen with a diagonal of 15.6 inches, with a definition in 1920 x 1080. Behind, we will have the choice between Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7. The user will also have the choice of the GPU and he can thus opt between an Intel HD Graphics 620 card or an NVidia GeForce 940MX.

The RAM will also depend on the models and it can reach 16 GB on the largest configurations. The storage space will range from 128 GB to 1 TB depending on the options subscribed.

MateBook E: the mobility champion

The MateBook E is the last of the bunch and it comes to the convertible segment.

There, we are entitled to a 12-inch IPS screen capable of displaying 2160 x 1440 and an Intel Core m3 or an Intel Core i5 coupled with an Intel HD Graphics 612 and 4 or 8 GB of RAM. The storage space starts at 128 GB and it can reach 512 GB on larger models.

Prices will start at € 1,399 for the MateBook X, € 999 for the MateBook E and € 799 for the MateBook D.

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