Huawei started selling computers with its chips in China

Huawei is bringing computers with its own ARM chip to the Chinese market . The firm favors production throughout the process, until marketing. This new PC is actually only available on Chinese territory. The counterpart of this autonomy would be the lack of performance. In fact, a YouTuber based in Hong Kong performed a full test of his system to assess its capabilities.

The result was not very promising for consumers. For now, the company's objective would be to gradually detach itself from American companies. It prefers to take the lead before another boycott puts it at a further disadvantage against its competitors.

Huawei started selling computers with its chips in China

Huawei imagined a flip phone

A priori, the machine mainly meets the needs of users who are limited to office applications.

An entirely Chinese production

Despite the increase in its laptop sales at the start of the year, Huawei seems determined to open up its horizons with this new all-Chinese production. All the pieces are labeled Made in China.

Among other providers, HiSilicon, the Huawei subsidiary, supplied the Kunpeng 920 chip, in 7 nm and with 8 cores, used by the computer. In addition, there is a Radeon RX550 graphics card and 16 GB RAM. With a 256 GB SSD, this model is not lagging behind in comparison with the other products in this range.

The flip side of the coin is that buyers in the Chinese market have to shell out a pretty colossal sum of around $ 1,068 to get them. Given its somewhat advanced features and somewhat high price tag, it is clear that this product is not looking to compete with US suppliers.

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Some weak points detected?

The Blender Car Demo test performed by the YouTuber in question took 11 minutes and 47 seconds.

Like the chips in the company's smartphones, the chip in this machine lacks software support. This is arguably its biggest flaw. Its good functioning is also compromised by a certain slowness, not only of the playback of the videos, but also of the other pilots.

Moreover, users only have access to a very limited selection of applications. Even the most famous software such as Adobe products is missing. With its UOS operating system (Unity operating system) developed by Linux, one should not expect to use 32-bit programs.

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