Humanity almost doomed according to some researchers

Environmentalists say humanity is almost doomed to a terrible future. Without realizing it, it faces a mass extinction that could lead to its end. However, this situation is poorly understood due to a lack of information. Terrans are not yet in a position to realize the magnitude of the dangers posed by their own actions because of misplaced priorities.

It turns out that planet Earth is currently in a very bad state. Experts feel helpless in the face of the scale of the threats. Its a question of life or death. Many scientists are turning to collective consciousness to turn the tide.

Humanity Almost Doomed According To Some Researchers
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The problem is compounded by ignorance, short-term self-interest, the pursuit of wealth, and political interests. Many decision-makers seem to turn a blind eye to the imminence of these disasters.

Imminent loss of biodiversity?

Several studies have been carried out by experts on this subject. They clearly describe the decline in biodiversity and climatic disturbances linked to human activities and population growth. At this rate, the situation would be appalling in the coming decades.

“Humans are the source of the impending loss of biodiversity and, with it, of the Earth's ability to support complex life. They find it difficult to grasp the scale of this loss, despite the constant degradation of their civilization. "

Corey Bradshaw, ecologist from Flinders University in Australia and lead author of this study

The abundance of human activities on the planet has caused rivers to dry up, land desertification, deforestation, and massive melting of ice. Yet governments seem unable to apply the appropriate measures.

Decision-makers focused on short-term issues

Global political and economic systems appear to be focused on competition, advantages and short-term profits. The leaders would have put aside long-term ecosystem issues. The subjects of climate and biodiversity would be shifted to the background.

“What we are saying is indeed frightening, but we have to be frank, precise and honest for humanity to understand the enormity of the challenges we face. "

Dan Blumstein, co-author of this study and environmentalist at the University of California, Los Angeles

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