ID PROTECTION, the new tool from F-Secure that will protect you from identity theft

It's hard to talk about cybersecurity without mentioning the Finnish company F-Secure, which is a benchmark in this field. This company, founded in 1988, can boast of having more than thirty years of experience to its credit. During all these years, F-Secure has made a point of protecting tens of thousands of companies and millions of individuals through its network of distribution partners and its more than 200 service providers.

F-Secure is always looking for a better solution that can provide its users with high level cybersecurity. This is why on June 9, 2020, the Finnish company launched ID PROTECTION , a new tool that will offer you “an integrated approach to the protection of information and personal accounts. "

Id Protection The New Tool From F Secure That Will Protect You From Identity Theft

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This new solution offers "the human expertise in software and artificial intelligence solutions" which makes F-Secure a key player in the European market.

Identity theft, an increasingly widespread practice

In this era we live in, identity theft has become commonplace. All of our activities are now governed by our personal data. We need it to open accounts, get loans, find a job, buy a car, or even buy a house.

Cybercriminals have decided to take advantage of this situation. In just a few clicks, the most knowledgeable of them can have access to all your data. According to a study carried out by F-Secure, 1.8 computer intrusions are identified every day. In some cases, people who get hacked don't even realize it.

Users who expose themselves to real danger

You are probably wondering what this data, once stolen, can be used for. Jonathan Farhi, Key Account Marketing Manager, answers this question:

“Once your data is leaked, it can end up for sale on the Dark Web after a few months. This will put you on lists and become an easy target for advanced cyber attacks. "

He goes on to explain that your credentials can be used by cybercriminals to "take control of your online accounts and start ordering goods with your credit card." "

Trust F-Secure for your data

For F-Secure, protecting your data is a priority. A survey carried out in April 2020 by this company revealed that an Internet user has on average 18 accounts. 41% of survey respondents, from 10 different countries, said they used the same password on multiple accounts. 56% of them say they use the same password on multiple accounts, with slight variations.

F-Secure is aware of the danger to which all these people are exposed. That's why in February 2020, she launched Identity Theft Checker, an online tool that has already been adopted by nearly 300,000 people. This feature lets you know if your email address has been affected by a data breach or leak. According to F-Secure, 46% of people who used Identity Theft Checker discovered that they had been the victim of a data breach or leak.

On June 9, 2020, F-Secure decided to launch a new, even more effective tool to protect your data. This new solution is called ID PROTECTION and it is designed to constantly detect and monitor your personal information which is exposed on the web.

ID PROTECTION, the new tool from F-Secure that will protect you from identity theft

Protect your data with ID PROTECTION

ID PROTECTION is presented by F-Secure as a tool that responds "quickly to threats targeting user identity." "It works as a password manager. This will allow it to prevent malicious takeovers of your accounts.

ID PROTECTION is a combination of human intelligence and online surveillance, with an unrivaled understanding of how hackers work, which will help you regain control over hacked data.

Features that you will need

By adopting ID PROTECTION, you will acquire a tool that has many features that will be essential to you and that will guarantee the protection of your personal data.

With ID PROTECTION, you will be able to receive instant alerts and recommendations that will allow you to respond when your personal information has been discovered as part of a data breach or breach.

You'll have access to a comprehensive breach database that includes billions of recovered assets and plain text passwords.

Thanks to the combination of human intelligence and the monitoring of the Dark Web, you will have the possibility of recovering stolen data 6 months faster.

ID PROTECTION also has an option that will allow you to better manage your passwords. Indeed, this tool will facilitate the creation of unique and strong passwords, which are automatically synchronized and pre-filled on all your devices.

A tool available on iOS and Android

Apart from these many features, one of the most attractive aspects of ID PROTECTION is that it allows your whole family to benefit from these advantages with a single subscription.

So don't wait any longer and let F-Secure take care of protecting your data. ID PROTECTION is available for devices running Android and iOS. You can subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription. If you want to know more, you can find out more on the F-Secure website .

F-Secure gives you tips to strengthen your protection

F-Secure gives you additional means to strengthen the protection of your data. In addition to the use of ID PROTECTION, the company also offers you to discover tips to prevent your data from falling into the hands of thousands of hackers.

To get started, choose passwords that you are likely to forget. According to F-Secure, if you can remember them, they are not complex enough to protect your accounts.

Then use two-factor authentication for all of your accounts. This is because hackers will always find a way to access your data if your password is not properly protected.

Finally, use ID PROTECTION to make sure that your personal data has not been used by a third party.

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