If you like zombie movies then you have more chances of surviving pandemic

Zombie movie fans are psychologically better prepared to face a pandemic, new research shows. A hypothesis that seems to be true in this period of health crisis.

Followers of horror films, especially zombie films, have shown less psychological distress during the Covid-19 pandemic, Indianaexpress.com reports . This claim comes from a team of scientists who have studied the impact of viewing such content on an individual's behavior. The study in question was published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. Among its authors is Coltan Scrivner. For this doctoral student at the University of Chicago, "the zombie movies in particular resemble – literally and symbolically – the pandemic . " Unlike classic horror movies, they are actually about infection.

If you like zombie movies then you have more chances of surviving pandemic

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“The characters in zombie movies learn to avoid getting infected and often try to find a cure for the infection,” Scrivner explained.

A beneficial psychological effect

Turns out, the survival skills featured in the zombie apocalypse movies can be used in real life. To reach this conclusion, the study team, which also included a psychologist and professor from Pennsylvania State University and Danish experts, interviewed around 300 people. Among these, fans of zombie movies said they knew "what to buy for the pandemic and that the consequences of the health crisis did not surprise them".

Followers of zombie films therefore did not show anxiety during the Covid-19 crisis. “In addition to learning to navigate dangerous situations through simulations, people can also learn to deal with their own emotions,” said Coltan Scrivner. "We can assume that followers of horror content often use strategies of emotion regulation, which can improve emotional coping skills . "

What about those who are not interested in zombie movies?

Faced with the results of this study, in case you are not a fan of zombie movies, you might be wondering if watching content showing scenes of undead invasion could help you cope better. the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I am not sure that watching such films now would be useful for our current situation. However, in my understanding of pandemics and other life threatening events, similar challenges are absolutely inevitable in the future, ” said John Johnson, one of the psychologists who contributed to the study.

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