If you love Darth Vader then you might not be much different from him

One of the classic storylines that we see in most movies is the never-ending struggle between good and evil. Whether it is a historical, dramatic, action or even romantic film, audiences appreciate when they can identify who is the hero of the story, therefore the one who does good, and who is the villain, it is that is, the one who likes to do evil. Obviously, it is "customary" to be on the hero's side when the battle is raging, especially in action movies.

Currently, however, there is a phenomenon that is happening. When we look at the films released in recent years, we can see that the antagonist of the story sometimes seems to be the character that arouses the most interest among moviegoers. Today, there are even fans who prefer the villain downright since he is seen as cooler than the protagonist. But what does it mean to be more attracted to the one who does evil in a movie than to the one who fights it?

If you love Darth Vader then you might not be much different from him
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A recently published study by researchers at a Danish university answers this question by saying that people who prefer "bad guys" are likely to have a bad side to themselves . So, if you're more of a Darth Vader fan than a Luke Skywalker fan when watching Star Wars, tell yourself that you also have a little "dark side" in you.

Characteristics of the villain

According to the conclusion of the researchers who conducted the study, some individuals may perceive antagonists in films positively simply because they are like them. This means that to some extent these people share the evil view of the bad guys.

According to the study, people who have a penchant for the bad side in movies possess the three characteristics that make a villain a villain, namely narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism.

A danger for society?

With the results of this study, it would be quite normal to be concerned since many people say they are fans of certain famous villains like the Joker, or even Thanos. So it is possible that there is a whole variety of repressed wicked among us.

In any case, to reassure you, the survey that was carried out to obtain these results was only conducted in North America. We cannot therefore generalize for the rest of the world. However, with films that try each time to create the best possible antagonist, there is a risk that the balance will change sides.

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