iFixit Reveals Least Repairable Device List of 2021

iFixit has just published a new ranking dedicated to the least repairable devices of the year 2017. The MacBook Retina and the iPad feature prominently, but Microsoft is also very represented.

Gone are the days when you needed a suitcase to transport your PC and its various accessories. Our computers now weigh the weight of a book and are even thinner than the magazines on our kiosks. However, this slimming cure is sometimes done to the detriment of the repairability of our devices and this is precisely what emerges from the classification carried out by iFixit.

Ifixit Reveals Least Repairable Device List Of 2017

The champions of disassembly and repair have indeed had the idea to look back on the last few months in order to highlight the most complicated products to repair.

iFixit: the least repairable devices of 2017

Apple is very well represented and the latest iPad thus takes fifth place in the ranking, with a score of 2 out of 10. Not terrible.

The MacBook Retina comes next this time with a score of 1 out of 10. The site's experts point out in particular the fact that all the components of the machine are directly soldered to its motherboard, at the same time making their replacement extremely complicated … or even impossible. Same thing for the screen. The computer panel is directly welded to the protective glass and it is therefore impossible to change only this part in the event of breakage.

The three champions of the ranking have nothing to do with the Californian brand, however, and they all come from the factories of the essential Microsoft.

The Surface Book 2 took third place with a repairability score of 1 out of 10. Fun fact, the machine shares a number of faults with its direct competitor. The processor and RAM are indeed soldered directly to the motherboard and the company has also used adhesive to glue many components.

Apple and Microsoft are well represented

To make matters worse, to access certain parts, it is essential to remove the motherboard.

The Surface Pro 5 finds itself in second place with the same rating. Again, Microsoft abused the adhesive, and the company even made the tablet's SSD impossible to change.

But the all-round champion is none other than the Surface Laptop. The ultraportable indeed obtains a score of 0 out of 10. iFixit considers that the machine is impossible to repair without causing heavy damage. The components are also all soldered to the motherboard and the battery is very complicated to change. This is obviously a problem since these parts age badly over time.

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