IKEA offers PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X mockups to help you find the TV cabinet of your dreams

It is now common knowledge that the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft have been a huge hit among gamers and a craze that has still not waned so far as many gamers eagerly await the restocking of PS5s. and Xbox Series X in physical or online stores.

Precisely, these two consoles from Sony and Microsoft seem to have captivated players with their design and specificities. They particularly impressed by their size which pleased some and caused embarrassment to others, especially when placing them in a TV cabinet.

IKEA offers PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X mockups to help you find the TV cabinet of your dreams
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So, to all those who plan to buy one of these consoles (or both) and to those who already have it but who are having issues with their TV stand, know that IKEA has planned everything to solve your problem. of size.

IKEA advertises on the back of Sony and Microsoft

The enthusiasm around these new generation consoles is so great that some do not hesitate to take advantage of the situation, either by selling at excessive prices or even by stealing consoles. IKEA is taking advantage of the situation by killing two birds with one stone.

The point is, the Swedish furniture and home decor design and retail giant has created fake PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles, in their actual sizes, to help customers find the coolest TV stands. adapted to their console. The fake consoles, according to cnet , display the dimensions on each side and there is even a small IKEA tackle at Sony's address on one side of the PS5 that read: " What Ikea furniture can accommodate my? new oversized console? "

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Will Ikea stores in France offer the same concept?

The images of replicas of the PS5 and Xbox Series X began circulating on Reddit on Monday, January 04. Many would have believed in fake news but Ikea France confirmed the information to Numerama by stating that:

The images circulating come from the IKEA Schaumburg store in the United States. The store team wanted to show how the new generation consoles could adapt to our storage solutions and worked around this device.

The information was also confirmed by cnet, to which a spokesperson sent an email in which it was written that:

The store team saw the need to demonstrate how the latest generation of gaming consoles can fit into IKEA storage units and three of our colleagues came together to bring fake consoles to life.

For now, it is not known whether IKEA France will equip all its stores with the same cool and clever concept.

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