iMac (2021): the choice of design explained by Apple

Apple unveiled its new iMac on April 20, whose design has become a hot topic on the Internet. Two design managers then intervened to justify the aesthetic choice.

The iPhone maker has completely redesigned the look of the iMac for its 2021 lineup. The new computer features a fairly clean design. Apple opted for thinner bezels, allowing a switch to a 24-inch screen. The device offers a larger display, while retaining the chassis of its predecessor. The iMac 2021 still has a chin for the location of its various components. Another novelty is the completely flat back of the screen. The latter is only 11.5 mm thick. We also note the presence of a white frame around the slab, regardless of the color option chosen.

iMac (2021): the choice of design explained by Apple

Apple Credits

Navpreet Kaloty and Colleen Novielli are two prominent Apple figures. Guests of the Relay FM podcast Upgrade show, they explained the reasons behind this aesthetic choice.

A wide choice of colors

The color options have generated a lot of reaction since the presentation of the iMac 2021. Users will indeed be able to choose between seven shades: pink, blue, green, silver, orange, purple and yellow.

Color is now! The colors are designed to bring a feeling of brightness, optimism and joy. We all agree that this is something we need right now, ”explained Novielli.

The presence of a white frame around the screen was also a source of questioning. In fact, the borders would not be white, but gray. “The borders are meant to complement the typical home design, for example, and blend in with the decor. The light gray borders are awesome. The absence of abrupt contrast offers a more homogeneous experience ” , specified the head of engineering.

What about the M1 chip?

Kaloty spoke at length about the migration to Apple's M1 chip. According to the marketing manager of the firm, the new chip has impacted the design of the iMac 2021 in all aspects. We also know that all computers equipped with this processor will be compatible with the Touch ID Magic keyboard .

Kaloty has also advanced more reliable and convenient connectivity options.

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