IMac and iMac Pro have been updated by Apple

Apple is not idle this week. After presenting new tablets , the company has indeed decided to update its all-in-one computers, the iMac and the iMac Pro . On the program, new processors and new graphics card options.

Unsurprisingly, the brand has not made any changes to the design of its computers. The iMac and the iMac Pro are therefore still as thin and they offer exactly the same finishes.

Imac And Imac Pro Have Been Updated By Apple

As often with the Apple, it is therefore at the level of the technical sheet that the company has concentrated its efforts.

The iMac 2019, the monster with options

The 21.5-inch iMac now features eighth-generation Intel CPUs and the user can choose between quad-core or six-core chips, depending on what they want at the moment… and their budget. The 27-inch model will go even further for its part with CPUs grouping six or eight cores depending on the configuration.

Apple, for its part, of course announces a substantial performance gain and these new models would therefore be twice as powerful as the previous generation.

By default, the iMacs are equipped with Radeon Pro (55X, 560X, 575X and 580X), but it will be possible to switch to Radeon Pro Vega 48. Be careful, however, because this can only be done by option, and only on the big model. In addition, it will be necessary to spend 540 € to have the badge honor to benefit from this chip.

Since we are talking about options, know that the Intel Core i9 8-core is also available, in exchange for 480 €. As for the RAM, it can reach a maximum of 64 GB, for the modest sum of 1200 €. That's roughly the price of the 2TB SSD option, billed at € 1,320.

All options, the most powerful Mac will therefore cost € 6,139. All the proposed configurations can be found on this page .

The iMac pro gets a new option

The iMac Pro has not been forgotten by Apple. Here, however, do not expect new processors or a new graphics card.

Apple has indeed chosen to focus on the options by offering a new treat to its users. Those who wish can indeed equip their iMac Pro with 256 GB… of RAM. However, the option is not given and it will therefore be necessary to pay € 6,240 to benefit from it.

Any option, the price of the iMac Pro will therefore increase to € 18,339. If you want to blow your accountant's head, this is where it happens .

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