IMac Pro begins to reveal its secrets

Apple took advantage of the opening conference of the very last WWDC to lift the veil on a new all-in-one designed for the most demanding users: the iMac Pro . Two experienced developers found a little more information about it while digging through BridgeOS.

Apple has chosen to integrate in its latest laptops a touch bar capable of bringing up contextual shortcuts depending on the running application, a bar also integrating a fingerprint reader.

Imac Pro Begins To Reveal Its Secrets

The Touch Bar is not managed by the processor of these machines, but by an ARM coprocessor called T1.

The iMac Pro will also house a coprocessor

This chip is not sufficient on its own, however, and it therefore relies on an operating system derived from watchOS to operate the Touch Bar and Touch ID: BridgeOS.

Apple has been working for several weeks on a brand new version of this operating system. Jonathan Levin, a seasoned developer, fell over browsing the manufacturer's website and managed to get hold of valuable information on the iMac Pro.

The following information should be taken with the usual precautions, but this machine should also carry an additional chip and the latter would go a little further than the one integrated in the latest MacBook Pros.

This time, Apple would indeed have chosen an A10 Fusion coupled with no less than 512 MB of RAM, a chip similar in every way to that found in the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus.

A chip used by Siri?

According to the developer, this coprocessor should take care of starting up the Mac and all the processes related to its security.

Steve Troughton-Smith goes further for his part and he believes that this chip could also be used for Siri. Thanks to it, the user would thus have the possibility of summoning the assistant at any occasion by giving voice, and in particular when the machine is on standby.

Guilherme Rambo was also interested in this firmware and he managed for his part to get his hands on a boot sound entirely dedicated to Bridge OS 2.0. However, it has not yet succeeded in determining its usefulness.

For now, at least. The firmware has been made public and more revelations should be forthcoming.

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