In China, a company fines its employees when they use the toilet more than once a day

The Chinese company Anpu Electric Science and Technology is currently in the middle of a big controversy. According to information relayed by the Entrepreneur website, this company based in Dongguan, in the province of Guangzhou, fines its employees when they use the toilet more than once a day at their workplace. This fine is 20 yuan, or about $ 3.

To avoid drawing the wrath of the authorities, the Chinese firm has decided to deduct this fine from the bonuses of its employees and not from their monthly salary. In any case, officials from the Dongguan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau declared this measure illegal. After the case was made public, authorities demanded that Anpu Electric return the money taken from its employees' bonuses.

In China A Company Fines Its Employees When They Use The Toilet More Than Once A Day
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However, the company does not hear it that way and stands firm.

A measure implemented to boost employee productivity

Anpu Electric executives explained that going to the bathroom several times during working hours was a violation of house rules. They added that employees are only allowed to use the toilet once a day. They must also register with their supervisor each time they go.

One of the managers of the Chinese firm justified himself by indicating that this measure had been put in place to boost employee productivity. Some of them would indeed take advantage of this pretext to work less and smoke in secret.

“We are not protected. The point is, employees are lazy at work. Officials have spoken to them many times, but have not yet had positive results, ” he said.

Opinions differ

The managers opted for this solution instead of the dismissal because it is difficult to recruit new employees. Of course, this decision made a lot of talk in China. On the web, the opinions of Internet users diverge.

Some find this sanction unacceptable. Others, for their part, support the company's decision.

“I support this company. They are forced to do this, ” writes a user on the site.

Another denounces the company's practices, explaining that “to achieve a high level of efficiency, a company must adopt solutions to reward its workers. But exploiting and imposing too many restrictions can create constant pressure on employees who lose energy and focus. "

For the time being, the company has not yet been sanctioned by the competent authorities.

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