In China, one day we will be able to travel in a train at 800 km / h

Last week, the South China Morning Post, a Chinese daily, shared information that the country is on the verge of greatly improving the performance of its magnetic levitation trains .

Also called MAGLEV (Magnetic Levitation) train , this kind of device can already reach a phenomenal speed. But researchers at Southwest Jiaotong University (China) are currently working to develop a MAGLEV train capable of reaching 800 km / h . A record speed that will apparently be guaranteed when they have fully finalized the design of the prototype.

In China One Day We Will Be Able To Travel In A Train At 800 Km H

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Given the complexity of this type of technology, however, it will take a few years before seeing this new generation MAGLEV train pacing the rails specially designed for this purpose. Note that this ultra-fast magnetic levitation train has so far made only one test trip.

Research is advancing slowly, but surely

For your information, it is thanks to superconducting technology , which combines the expulsion of the magnetic field and the elimination of electrical resistance, that conventional MAGLEV trains can reach such speeds. But as the world's fastest MAGLEV train reaches a speed of 603 km / h, the prototype of scientists from Southwest Jiaotong University will be able to beat this record, going 620 km / h.

This team obviously does not intend to stop there. Thus, in order to reduce its weight, which will allow it to go even faster, then to carry out various adjustments, six years will still be necessary. Once this is done, this MAGLEV train, which will be entirely built in carbon fiber, will be able to reach 800 km / h.

According to the researchers, its lightness will not only bring it speed, but will also reduce the expenses in its manufacture.

Improvements that will benefit all MAGLEV trains

As the SCMP reported, thanks to this MAGLEV train prototype, journey times will be significantly reduced. Traveling from one city to another on this train will eventually take less time than traveling by plane.

Moreover, the researchers point out, before being able to levitate, the models currently in circulation need to be much faster, like their prototype. Therefore, once finalized, this prototype will improve the technology of classic MAGLEV trains that are already in circulation in China, Germany, or Japan.

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