In Denmark, controversy over a cartoon character with the “longest penis in the world”

A cartoon hero for children has been controversial in Denmark since its first broadcast on Danish television channel Ramasjang at the beginning of the year. The character in question is called John Dillermand and he is recognizable by his red and white striped bathing suit.

But why does this cartoon outrage parents so much? Well, it's because of the physical peculiarity of the hero which is not one that we see every day on the screens. John Dillermand is indeed endowed with a penis several meters long, which can be used to accomplish the most incredible tasks, a bit like the Marsupilami with its long tail. For example, with his zizi, John can tame a lion by using it as a whip, or even fly through the air like a helicopter. He can even use his organ to form a boat.

In Denmark, controversy over a cartoon character with the “longest penis in the world”
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The program started airing on January 2, and many parents have since messaged the channel to express their outrage , given that the series is aimed at children aged four to eight.

Parents complain

While the first episode of John Dillermand has been viewed over 140,000 times, a large proportion of parents who saw the cartoon said they were outraged by it.

One internet user described the cartoon as the most disgusting and least appropriate program for children that she has ever seen on a children's television channel.

Far-right MP Morten Messerchmidt also gave his opinion on Facebook. “I don't think looking at the genitals of adult men should be transformed into something common for children. Is that the public service? », He was indignant.

The TV channel explains

Following the controversy, the television channel was explained on Tuesday, January 5. According to the explanations in question, they consider that being able to tell stories about the body is an important task. "With the series, we recognize the nascent curiosity of young children for the body and the genitals, as well as the embarrassment and pleasure of the body," they said.

Sophie Münster, specialist in Nordic education, also gave her opinion. According to her, this is a "very Danish" program. “We have a tradition of pushing the limits in a humorous way and finding that just normal,” she said. Thus, she considers that the debate stems from the fact that adults view the long penis from a sexual point of view, while children have an entirely different perspective.

With the complaints piling up, one wonders if the program will be interrupted or if it will continue to be broadcast despite the protests.

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