In Essonne, the gendarmes closed a shop run by dealers on Snapchat

As we all know, social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Snapchat, are a great way to communicate with relatives, friends, colleagues and others; to follow what is creating the buzz but also, and perhaps above all, to do business.

However, if many businesses and individuals use social networks to increase their awareness, reach more customers and better publicize their products and services, some would use them to increase their traffic.

In Essonne, the gendarmes closed a shop run by dealers on Snapchat
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And when we talk about traffic, we are not talking about the number of visitors who pass through a website, but rather, drug trafficking and more specifically, cannabis.

Activities that extend to Lyon and six Ile-de-France departments

Indeed, 20 minutes tells us on Monday January 11 that the gendarmes identified cannabis dealers on Snapchat. The facts go back several weeks. Investigators from the Evry-Courcouronnes research brigade had three people in their sights. Two men, aged 19 and 30, respectively, and a woman of 40.

The gendarmes suspected them of being at the head of an important traffic of cannabis which extends not only in six departments of Ile-de-France but also in the Lyon region. Apparently the suspects have dealt with law enforcement before, in similar narcotics cases.

This time around, the three suspects allegedly orchestrated their traffic from apartments rented on Airbnb. A source close to the case says they delivered the goods and did " click and collect ". They also reportedly communicated with their customers through Snapchat.

64kg of cannabis, 2,000 euros in cash and a dummy weapon were discovered during the search

The authorities ended up monitoring their actions and wiretapping them and their suspicions were quickly verified. On Monday January 4, the gendarmes proceeded to their arrest and a search of their home.

They discovered 64 kg of resin and herbal cannabis, 2,000 euros in cash and a dummy weapon. The three suspects were brought before an investigating judge on Saturday, January 09 and a judicial investigation is currently underway. Meanwhile, all three suspects were remanded in Fleury-Merogis, Versailles and the prison of Health, in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, according to 20 Minutes.

Nevertheless, while the gendarmes arrested them, the suspects still had time to write on their Snapchat account, “ My dear Snapchateur, we are currently closed, don't worry, we will be back very soon ”, with in prime, gendarmes in the background image of the message. They also promised an opening for Tuesday. It remains to be seen, which Tuesday?

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