In Japan, arrest of a forger who maneuvered to obtain free Pokémon cards

Real passion or greed? A 43-year-old Japanese man named Takashi Ono found himself behind bars because of Pokémon cards . The man did not hesitate to resort to illegal means to be able to win a game organized by the company that makes the Gari Gari-kun ice cream sticks.

Between June and July 2020, Akagi Nyugyo Co. held a promotional game that allowed lucky consumers to win special Pokémon cards. To win, you had to find the sticks with the words "You won a Gari-Pokémon card". Obviously, this inscription could only be read after having consumed the ice cream. This is where Ono came up with the idea of making his own winning sticks and sending them to Akagi Nyugyo Co. in November.

In Japan, arrest of a forger who maneuvered to obtain free Pokémon cards
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According to reports, the company immediately sensed something was wrong when they received 25 winning sticks from one person. They then contacted the police who arrested the forger on Wednesday January 6 .

A job well done

We know that the police are currently investigating the techniques used by the forger. The company admitted that the work on the sticks had been well executed.

In this context, Akagi Nyugyo Co. fears that these fake sticks are not the only ones in circulation. Some may have been for sale on the Internet.

This is not the first time that the brand of ice cream has organized a Pokémon game, and during the previous game, the sticks were sold at a very high price on the web, up to 160 euros.

What was the real purpose of the maneuver?

To go so far as to make fake sticks, Ono must really be a huge Pokémon fan. However, it is also possible that he executed his plan in order to earn a lot of money. As the cards obtained during the game organized by the brand of ice are collector cards, it is possible to resell them afterwards when they have increased in value.

Believe it or not, Pokémon cards are worth a lot more than you might think. For example in July 2020, a very rare Pokémon card was able to sell for 203,000 euros! So the next time you stumble upon one of your old Pokémon cards, think twice before throwing it in the trash.

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