INA launches a channel for children, INA Kids

INA has announced good news. The National Audiovisual Institute has indeed created a new channel on YouTube. Reserved for children, it brings together many different programs, such as Casimir or Nounours. One way like any other to explore our distant childhood.

The INA has been increasing the number of announcements since the start of the year. After launching its Madelen streaming offer, the institute has indeed put the cover back on with another platform, this time dedicated to education; Lumni.

Ina Launches A Channel For Children Ina Kids


But it was obviously not enough in his eyes and this is what prompted him to launch a brand new channel on YouTube: INA Kids.

INA Kids, a YouTube channel geared towards children

Completely free, this channel has only 855 subscribers so far, but it should quickly find its audience. And this for both children and adults.

The channel offers dozens of programs from our childhood. All the big names are also present. This applies in particular to Titus, the lion, but also to Casimir, Patazut, the Patapluches or even Watoo Watoo.

The programs, organized in playlists, are completely free and the INA has chosen to distribute them through YouTube. So just go to the channel page to discover and view them.

Programs dating from the 70s and 80s

Relatively recent, INA Kids was created on March 23, but it already has hundreds of videos. Most of these programs come from the archives of the institute, and more precisely from the 70s / 80s.

It should also be remembered that this channel is far from the first of its kind. INA has several other channels on the platform, such as INA Cult or INA Chansons.

Still, INA Kids seems to be a good way to occupy his child during confinement, if only to make him realize the extent of the change made by French television.

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