Inspiron Chromebook 14: the new Dell Chromebook 2021

Dell lifted the veil on a new Chromebooks at IFA. The Inspiron Chromebook 14 is a laptop that combines power and elegance, making it a premium product powered by Google's operating system.

From Samsung to Acer via HP or Lenovo, many manufacturers have already launched Chromebooks. Powered by Chrome OS, the famous OS of the internet giant which is based on the foundations laid by the Chrome web browser and GNU / Linux, these devices have the particularity of being aimed primarily at students. Evidenced by their more or less modest technical characteristics, just enough to meet educational needs.

Ifa 2018 Inspiron Chromebook 14 The New Dell Chromebook

Dell is also interested in this type of product and has just presented the Inspiron Chromebook 14. Introduced at the IFA, this new Chromebooks is rather interesting compared to its competitors.

It actually benefits from a technical sheet and a neat design making it a premium Chromebooks.

Dell, a new more powerful Chromebooks

In order to satisfy user demands, the Inspiron Chromebook 14 offers an attractive technical configuration, comparable to that of the Inspiron mid-range PCs.

Design level, the new laptop has an aluminum frame. Exit therefore plastic, the popular material for Chromebooks.

And as the name suggests, the Inspiron Chromebook 14 adopts a 14-inch format. This should allow us to transport it with ease while enjoying optimal comfort of use thanks to the size of the display and the keyboard. Especially since the weight is only 1.81 kg.

An Intel Core i3 processor

As for the characteristics of electronic components, the new 2-in-1 laptop PC is powered by an Intel Core i3 processor coupled with 4 GB of RAM. The storage capacity is up to 128 GB. The resolution of the panel is 1920 x 1080 pixels. That said, the Inspiron Chromebook 14 offers a Full HD-like display.

For your information, this new Chromebook will go on sale in the United States from October 23 with a starting price of $ 600.

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