Instagram arrives on PC, deprived of certain features

Microsoft is regularly criticized for the lack of applications on its Windows Store. It is true that the service is not particularly known to compete with the App Store of Apple or the Play Store of Android – and for good reason – the latter does not have all the applications in fashion.

This being the case, the market sometimes has good surprises in store for us, such as the arrival of an app that is being loudly requested by users. This was the case with Instagram , the application thus made (belatedly) its entry on Windows 10 mobile last April, having just filled a gap. It is now the turn of Windows 10 “short” to welcome the photographic social network of Facebook.

Instagram Arrives On Pc Deprived Of Certain Features

Instagram is coming to Windows 10, but with some fewer features for those who don't have a touchscreen.

Joy and joy are therefore de rigueur, the Windows Store is now adorned with a Windows 10 version of Instagram. A very good thing that unfortunately should be put into perspective because the porting is not completely complete …

No photo publication

Yes, this is where the big black spot of this Windows 10 version of Insta is, the application does not allow users of this version to post photos. A shame for a service that relies entirely on this functionality.

The reason for this strangest absence is ultimately quite common. This version reserves the publication of photos to devices with a touch screen and a rear camera, which is obviously not the case with PCs.

An application designed for touch, but functional with the mouse

Instagram under Windows 10 has been clearly designed for touchscreen terminals, however mouse navigation is quite possible, and is done quite well despite some early bugs, which will most certainly be corrected by means of a patch thereafter.

The experience is therefore satisfactory overall, and we will quickly find its brands as well as most of the features present on the application in its mobile versions.

However, it will always be painful to note the lack of care reserved for applications intended for the Windows Store. The apps – not content to arrive there late – often make their entry there with reduced functionality and / or slightly buggy, as is the case here.

A lack of care which clearly slows down sales of Windows Phones and Surfaces, no offense to the Redmond firm.

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