Instagram has figured out how to make influencers money

Instagram has established itself over the years as “the place to be” for influencers of all stripes. Influencers who even manage to make a living from the platform and their community by offering paid partnerships to their partners.

And now the time has come for them to go even further.

Instagram has figured out how to make influencers money
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Instagram has just unveiled a series of new tools for influencers. Tools that will allow them to find new levers of remuneration.

Instagram has ideas for making money influencers

The Creator Shop is the first of them and it simply aims to allow influencers to easily set up their own store on the platform. And therefore to sell their products directly to their subscribers.

Presented by Mark Zuckerberg in person, the Creator Shop must therefore simplify the life of influencers. They will no longer need to go through third-party platforms to carry out their activities.

The CEO of Facebook does not intend to stop in such a good way. He also indicated that his teams were developing new tools focused on product recommendation, with an affiliate system that will be natively integrated with Instagram.

Three tools under development

However, no date has been mentioned and we do not know how exactly this platform will work either.

Third tool, the “branded content market”. Here, the idea is a little different since this tool aims to connect influencers and advertisers. Mark Zuckerberg wants to make it easier for emerging talents on the platform to find their first contracts.

However, no need to jump on the application. These tools are still under development and it is not yet possible to take advantage of them. It is also unclear whether they will be offered in all markets or whether they will be limited to certain regions.

One thing seems certain anyway, Instagram seems to have ideas to monetize its service. Because influencers are obviously not the only ones who will earn money thanks to these new tools.

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