Install Windows 10 in a virtual machine through Parallels Desktop?

If you really want to test Windows 10 before everyone else and don't want to endanger your computer, then the best solution is to install it in a virtual machine . There, well you will have no risk of crashing your bike. Yes, and if you are wondering how to do that, then here is a tutorial that should interest some of you.

Not everyone is familiar with it, but Parallels Desktop is a very popular virtualization software on OS X. It is intuitive, well thought out and has a relatively accessible interface. Its only flaw, ultimately, is to pay but you can always download the evaluation version of the solution to get your hands on.

Install Windows 10 In A Virtual Machine Through Parallels Desktop

The Windows 10 start screen, which is displayed when the OS is installed. Beautiful this black. This beautiful blue.

You just have to go to this address to do so.

The other thing that you will inevitably need is the Windows 10 Technical Preview image. There, well there is no miracle, you will have to join the special program set up by the publisher. Rest assured because the procedure to follow is not very complicated and it will ultimately suffice to identify yourself on this page using an Outlook or Microsoft account.

Download Windows 10 and Install it in Parallels Desktop

There, and if you are on OS X, well the site will tell you that your machine is not compatible with Windows 10. Be reassured, however, because you will find a link which will take you to another page offering all the images of the system . If you are having trouble finding it, just click here . Then choose the version you like the most. As far as I'm concerned, I opted for 64-bit, in English because Brazilian …

At this point, it will still be necessary to recover the virtual machine offered by Parallels Desktop. Just follow this link to get it back. Then, you will then have to double-click on the Windows 10 Technical Preview VM shell.pvm file .

A message will then appear before your eyes, asking if this virtual machine is a copy of another machine, or if it is a migrated version. Simply select “Copied” by clicking on the appropriate button , and let the utility work. The operation may take a few minutes, you will need to be patient.

If all went well, you should see a new window appear in a corner of your screen. Window indicating the start of Windows 10 Technical Preview. Again, this can take quite a long time, so you don't have to click everywhere to try and speed things up.

A few seconds later, the contents of the window will turn all black, with a message warning you that no operating system is installed in the virtual machine.

This is perfectly normal, just click on “Ok” and go to the “Virtual Machine” menu. Then click on the “Stop” option and validate your choice by clicking on the corresponding message. It's not finished yet, you will now have to open the action menu by clicking on the toothed wheel at the bottom right of the window.

Simply click on the “Hardware” button, then continue by clicking on “CD / DVD 1”. On the right, open the list named “Connect to” and select the option “Select an image file”. The Finder will then appear on the screen, all you have to do is find the image of Windows 10 Technical Preview , the same one you just downloaded. Then check that the “Connected” option is checked.

Launch the “Windows 10 Technical Preview VM shell” virtual machine again and wait. If all is well, the OS installer should start. Just follow the steps but make sure you select the “Custom / Advanced Install” option when it appears on the screen. Then go and find the one and only reader present in the list and click on the “Next” button.

Wait again. Windows 10 will copy the files, load them to your drive, and install all the usual mess. At the end, it will ask you to create an account and you will then just have to click on a simple button to start your session.

Finally, you will have to return to the “Virtual Machine” menu, and find the option “Install Parallels Tools”.

So much for this tutorial. I am thinking of writing another one for VirtualBox so don't hesitate to come back to the area a little later if you are on Windows or Linux.

This tutorial is based on version 9 of Parallels Desktop. If you install the latest version on your machine, then there may be some changes to the titles. The “Virtual Machine” menu will thus become the “Actions” menu.

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