Intel faces multiple lawsuits

Intel has started 2018 badly. The publisher is currently in trouble and faces three lawsuits filed by residents from Oregon, California and Indiana.

Recently, the American firm has been the center of attention after the press published information about Intel updates that would deteriorate the performance of devices by up to 30%. Following this controversy, the multinational published on the evening of Thursday, January 4, 2018 a denial that the patches intended to resolve the security problems of its chips would not slow down computers.

Intel faces multiple lawsuits

These statements were not enough to convince some users who decided to take legal action against Intel.

Weakened computers

According to the sources, the Intel updates would lead in particular to two security flaws in the processors called Meltdown and Specter.

These breaches would make it easier for hackers to access data stored by users in the memory of processor cores. Faced with this, many owners of Intel processors have filed a complaint against the US multinational.

Users accuse the brand of not having reacted to the problem and of having deliberately hidden this flaw which has been present for ten years, but which was not made public until January 2, 2018. As a reminder, Brian Krzanich, CEO of 'Intel admitted in an interview with Business Insider to be aware of the vulnerability of its processors when it sold nearly 24 million of its shares in November 2017.

Intel shares fall

Intel's situation is deteriorating. On January 4, 2018, the value of the company's shares fell 2% on Wall Street following concerns about the impacts these security issues could have on the multinational's finances and reputation.

It seems that this fall in the stock market was anticipated by Brian Krzanich. This would explain the fact that he sold so many shares in November 2017. At present, the CEO of Intel therefore only holds 250,000 shares of the company.

To try to save the furniture, Intel assured that it is currently working on the design of a corrective patch capable of resolving these flaws.

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