interesting facts about smartphone addiction

interesting facts about smartphone addiction

The time has come to address a controversial topic, but fortunately more and more aware of both experts and the general public. It's about smartphone addiction.

Even though you may be among those who barely notice their phone in their daily lives, it is quite possible that you are worried about the people around you, who are spending a lot of time out of their way. time with your eyes on the screen.

In any case, the subject is a serious problem, but also interesting – we have compiled the opinions of several publications and specialized articles, in the section you are reading now:

Description of the current situation regarding smartphone addiction

Whether you have the best smartphone, or an outdated model, the ability to install applications, online or offline, is part of the definition of these gadgets.

The definition of dependence on them is the inability to refrain from viewing content on the screen, or to follow the feedback received from social media. Also, telephone deprivation leads to agitation, anxiety, nerves and overwhelming boredom, these reactions being specific to addicts.

interesting facts about smartphone addiction

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