Inverter air conditioning – economical choices

How do you choose the best inverter air conditioner? What functions and characteristics should the inverter air conditioner have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

Inverter Air Conditioning Economical Choice

Inverter compressor

Inverter air conditioners are more expensive than classic ones, but with the ever-increasing costs of electricity, is it worth the investment?

We try to establish in this article the advantages and disadvantages of both types of air conditioners in order to understand which is the correct choice.

Benefits of Inverter technology

Benefits of an inverter air conditioner compared to an inverter air conditioner:

  • Between 30% -50% lower electricity costs
  • The desired temperature is reached much faster and is easier to maintain
  • Device start-up time is reduced by 30%
  • The device is much quieter
  • No temperature fluctuations ensuring increased comfort
  • No voltage variations of the compressor
  • All EcoAir inverter devices work as heat pumps, which are the most efficient method of heating.

Is it worth paying more for an inverter air conditioner?

Devices equipped with inverter technology will help you save at least 30% on electricity consumption. So if you use air conditioning intensively (a few hours a day), in the medium and long term the energy savings will exceed the price difference from the moment of purchase. In addition, don't forget about the ever-increasing costs of electricity.

What is the difference between an air conditioner with an inverter and one without an inverter?

Air conditioning without an inverter delivers a constant amount of power at a preset speed. In this way the compressor must stop and start at certain intervals to maintain the preset temperature.

The inverter air conditioning system varies the speed of the compressor, providing a constant temperature throughout operation.

How does inverter air conditioning work?

The amount of cold or hot air required to operate an air conditioner depends on the outside temperature and the amount of heat in the room.

When the heating or cooling capacity needs to be increased, the compressor will operate at an increased speed and will increase the circulation speed of the coolant.

Thus, when the outside temperature is moderate and the cooling or heating capacity must be reduced, the compressor will operate at a low speed and the circulation speed of the coolant will decrease.

Inverter Air Conditioning Economical Choice

When we turn on the air conditioner with inverter, it will operate at a high speed of the compressor to reach the desired temperature as soon as possible. As the room temperature approaches the desired value, the compressor slows down, thus maintaining a constant temperature and saving energy.

Any sudden fluctuation of the room temperature will be detected and adjusted immediately to maintain the desired temperature. Remember that inverter air conditioners use 30% to 50% less electricity to operate.

Recommended inverter air conditioners

We have selected for you some models of inverter air conditioners that have attracted our attention through the very good quality / price ratio. We also took into account the manufacturer's warranty, energy consumption and operating efficiency.

1. York Monte Rosa 12.000btu YHKE12ZE-MJORX Inverter Air Conditioner

Inverter Air Conditioning Economical Choice 1 Capacity: 12,000 btu – Technology: G10 Inverter.
Functions: Cooling, Heating, Dehumidification, Ventilation, Automatic Mode.
LED display hidden in the front cover.
Programming: 24 h + Gree Smart Online Controller.
Air filtration: Washable long-life dust filter + catechin photocatalytic filter.
Energy class on cooling: A ++ – Energy class on heating: A +.
Operating range: cooling – between -10 ° C and +46 ° C – heating – between -15 ° C and +20 ° C.

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2. Air Conditioning Gree Fairy Inverter (R32) 12.000btu GWH12ACC-K6DNA1D

Inverter Air Conditioning Economical Choice 2 The Gree Bora R-32 is built with Gree's proprietary G10 Inverter technology, is WiFi ready and has a built-in Cold Plasma air purifier.
The new R32 refrigerant depletes the ozone layer by about 70% less than the conventional R-410A refrigerant.
Gree Bora has a built-in Cold Plasma air purifier, the most effective solution for removing viruses, bacteria and allergens from the room air.
The Gree Bora Air Conditioner has a built-in temperature sensor in the remote control.

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3. Klarstein Windwaker B 12 split air conditioner

Inverter Air Conditioning Economical Choice 1 The device has a heating or cooling mode, a 3-speed fan and various oscillations as well as different synchronization functions that the device adapts to your needs.
Everything is controlled from the comfort of the sofa or desk, with the remote control included.
The required temperature is adjustable in steps of 1 ° C from 16 to 30 ° C.
4-speed fan with integrated oscillation function for better air circulation.
5 operating modes: automatic, cooling, heating, drying and fan.

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4. Daikin Sensira Air Conditioner 12.000btu FTXC35B + RXC35B Bluevolution

Inverter Air Conditioning Economical Choice 3 With the Sensira R-32 range you won't have to sacrifice comfort to take advantage of increased energy efficiency.
The flat, modern front panel integrates into any interior décor and is easy to clean.
Automatic vertical scanning moves the discharge slots up and down to achieve efficient air and room temperature distribution.
By activating the turbo mode, your room will heat up or cool down quickly, ensuring maximum comfort.

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5. Air Conditioning Fujitsu Inverter R-32 12.000btu ASYA12KLWA + AOYA12KLWA

Inverter Air Conditioning Economical Choice 4 Fujitsu has advanced technologies for the production of air conditioners.
With decades of experience in air conditioning, Fujitsu appliances meet even the most demanding requirements.
Energy class A ++ means operating savings for the owner's pocket, the device can be used to the maximum throughout the year.
The Fujitsu LLCE with a capacity of 12,000 btu provides 3.20 kW of heat per heating function when it is -10˚C outside.

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