iOS 8: 10 Features You (Maybe) Don't Know

iOS 8 has been available since last Friday and many of you have probably taken the plunge. For better and for worse. In the meantime, if the platform obviously looks a lot like its predecessor, it also offers some new and very useful functions . Features you may not be familiar with, but which will allow you to get the most out of your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

This list is obviously not intended to be fully exhaustive. If you know of other functions that are worth the detour, you should obviously not hesitate to express yourself in the comments, following this article.

Ios 8 10 Features You Maybe Dont Know

Do you really know iOS 8 like the back of your hand?

1. Create an empty home screen

Want to clean up and set up an empty home screen to highlight the photo of your little one? No problem, it's perfectly possible with iOS 8. All you have to do is switch to edit mode and empty the home screen of your choice by removing or moving the shortcuts on it. .

2. Activate the platform's “Dark Mode”

Not everyone knows it, but it is perfectly possible to modify the interface of iOS 8 to remove all those ugly shimmering colors. How? 'Or' What ? It's quite simple, since everything will happen in the settings of the device, and more precisely in the accessibility options. This is where you will find an option to switch the display to grayscale.

3. Activate the scan in the notification center

iOS 8 includes a specific “gesture” allowing the user to interact with some of the alerts sent by the notification center. You will then just have to perform a simple swipe from right to left to interact with one of the messages without having to open the associated application.

4. Set DuckDuckGo as the default search engine

Google does not inspire you with confidence? It is your strictest right and you have the perfect possibility to change the search engine used by default by iOS 8. To do so, you will have to go to the device settings, and to the dedicated Safari menu. . By tapping on the “Search engine” option, you can leave Big G for Yahoo, Bing or… DuckDuckGo.

5. Send the last known location of your terminal

If someone steals your iPhone 6 from you, then you will undoubtedly rush to the Find My Phone service to try to locate it. But what if your phone's battery dies? No problem, Apple has thought of everything! In the menu dedicated to iCloud and Find My Phone, you will indeed find a very special option: “Send my last location”. Once activated, your device will remember to send its location to Apple just before it turns off.

6. Find the most energy-intensive applications

Apple has integrated a very useful new tool in the platform's system preferences. It is hidden in the settings, and more precisely in the “General”, “Use” and “Battery usage” menu. There, in an instant, you will find yourself in front of the list of applications consuming the most power and you will then only have to close those which appear at the top of the list to preserve the autonomy of your terminal.

7. Activate a timer for selfies

If you spend your time taking pictures of yourself to show off your cute paperclip to all your friends, then this feature should be of great interest to you. It is indeed possible to activate a timer in a few moments, from the camera application. All you have to do is tap on the little clock in the status bar, and choose the duration of your choice.

8. Find photos deleted by mistake

Again, this is a fairly useful function, and little known. If you have activated iCloud on your device, then all deleted photos will automatically go into a new album before disappearing from your account. To find them, all you have to do is launch the Photos application, and find the “Recently deleted” album. You will then only have to select the photos you want to recover.

9. Change the order of the share menu

The shares menu has been available since iOS 7, but the new version of the platform pushes the concept much further and any developer, any publisher, can slip their own tool into it. What you might not know is that it's perfectly possible to rearrange this menu by pressing and holding an icon for a few seconds, and then moving it back and forth.

10. Launch Siri without having to press a button

Siri obviously occupies an important place in iOS 8 and Apple had the very good idea to develop a new tool to launch the assistant without having to put your hands on your terminal. How? 'Or' What ? With a simple voice command! It will suffice to swing a little “Hey Siri” to get our assistant out of his torpor. Obviously it's hard not to think about what the competition has been offering for some time.

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