iOS 9: the little trick that will save your data plan

iOS 9 has been available for a few weeks now and is now installed on more than 50% of iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads in circulation . What does it mean ? Quite simply that you have probably installed it at home. If so, then you might as well read this article right away. Especially if you want to save the data of your plan, in fact.

I think you already know it, but iOS 9 brings a lot of new features to the platform. There, like that, we can cite the new multitasking mode that allows you to paste two applications side by side, for example, or even all the improvements made to Siri.

Ios 9 The Little Trick That Will Save Your Data Plan

iOS 9 may burn your plan data in a few days if you don't think about disabling this option.

But there is also another feature that has been making a lot of talk for a few hours: the WiFi assistant .

It all started with a good feeling at the base

Késako? If you do not know it yet, then be aware that this feature allows the phone to automatically switch to cellular connection when WiFi is poor. The idea is obviously to allow the user to access all the riches of the internet in a minimum of time.

And so to the cat videos. Among other things.

The problem is, not all of us have great WiFi. Some users have thus realized that their terminal tends to switch very often to the cellular connection, even when they are slumped at the bottom of their sofa. A shame!

Definitely, especially since we don't all have unlimited data on our plan. Far from it, even, and it is precisely for this reason that it is preferable to deactivate this function beforehand.

How to do ? It is not complicated since everything will be played in the settings of the platform.

You will have to start by taking your iDevice in hand and then go to the settings and then to the menu dedicated to cellular data. There, you will simply have to scroll through the contents of the screen to bring up the option “Wi-Fi Assistance”. All you have to do then is tap on the button to deactivate it and everything is back to normal.

And there, no more bad surprises at the end of the month.


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