iPhone 13: a change of look for the camera module, but…

The iPhone 13 has been the subject of many rumors since the beginning of the year and the most recent relates to the design of their rear photo module … with good and less good.

Macotakara got the ball rolling by releasing a report on the general design of Apple's upcoming phones. According to our colleagues, they should offer dimensions similar to current models, with a thickness revised upwards.

iPhone 13: a change of look for the camera module, but…

The iPhone 13 would thus be 0.26 mm thicker than the iPhone 12.

A little thicker iPhone 13 …

Of course, at first glance, the difference does not seem very marked, but this change could have repercussions on the arrangement of the internal components… and on the capacity of their battery.

There is more, however. The article published by Macotakara also mentions a change in size in the rear photo module of the phones. Unlike current models, the sapphire glass plate used to protect the optics of the phones should extend to the entire module, and not just the three optics that make it up.

If this change should result in an increased resistance of the part, it would also have the effect of completely melting the optics in the module. They would therefore no longer protrude from the room.

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… but with a photo module close to the current generation

Now on to the bad news. Ming-Chi Kuo also released a new report over the weekend, one in which he basically states that significant material changes to the photo should not be expected until 2023.

According to him, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 should therefore be closer to the current iPhone, at least in terms of architecture.

And this point is important. If the smartphones of the brand excel so much in photos, it is not only because of the quality of their sensors or their optics. What really makes the difference is the software processing they get.

Concretely, this means that even if the photo modules of the iPhone 13 do not change drastically in terms of hardware, then the latter should still offer something new in the photo and video.

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