iPhone 13: LiDAR for all models?

The iPhone 13 could all be equipped with a LiDAR sensor, unlike the iPhone 12 which reserved this additional sensor for “pro” models.

Apple gave us in 2020 no less than four different smartphones: the iPhone 12 Mini and the iPhone 12, designed for the general public, and the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, intended for the most demanding.

iPhone 13: LiDAR for all models?

Four cameras which share a common technical base, but which are not equal in the field of photography.

LiDAR for all iPhone 13s?

Apple has indeed better equip the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, by offering them a third sensor coupled to a third focal length… and a LiDAR sensor. A sensor that allows these devices to benefit from much more realistic AR experiences.

According to Digitimes , the year 2021 should be a little different and the brand would thus intend to embed a LiDAR sensor on all models of the year.

The sensor would therefore only be intended for pro models and the basic versions of the iPhone 13 could also benefit from it.

Either the iPhone 13 Mini and the iPhone 13, at least assuming the brand keeps the same ranges.

One way to democratize technology?

The main party, for his part, has not yet confirmed anything, but this rumor finally seems quite logical. Apple has invested a lot in the augmented reality market lately and the company is even said to be planning to step up its efforts this year.

Ming-Chi Kuo even thinks Apple Glass could be announced somewhere in the next few months .

In this context, taking a LiDAR sensor on board all iPhone 13 makes sense. This would indeed allow the firm to democratize technology and ensure that everyone can have a smartphone at the end of the year offering realistic augmented reality experiences.

Not to mention that the Apple Glass, if they are really to be announced in 2021, will be satisfied with the strict minimum in terms of power and display. They will therefore need an iPhone to function to the best of their ability. An iPhone capable of providing augmented reality in the field.

But of course, this is all assuming that Digitimes is well informed, which unfortunately has not always been the case. As always with this type of rumor, it will be preferable to remain cautious and not to get carried away too quickly.

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