It is now possible to install Windows 10 very easily on the Raspberry Pi 3

Pour tous ceux qui sont fans du nano-ordinateur monocarte à processeur ARM développé par la fondation Raspberry Pi, une bonne nouvelle a été annoncée : le Raspberry Pi 3 peut désormais fonctionner sur une version de Windows 10 .

Un développeur du nom de José Manuel Nieto a en effet créé un programme d'installation baptisé WoA , qui permet d'installer facilement et rapidement une image amorçable Windows 10 sur ARM qu'on peut lancer sur un Raspberry Pi 3.

It Is Now Possible To Install Windows 10 Very Easily On The Raspberry Pi 3


This is news that will not fail to delight apprentice developers, especially since this small computer was precisely designed to encourage young people to take an interest in computer development through affordable hardware.

Easy and quick installation

To be able to launch the installation of the emulated version of Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi 3, the user must of course have a Raspberry Pi 3 B or B +, a micro SD card containing an image of Windows 10 ARM 64.

All that remains is to download the various packages and the WoA installer mentioned above (available on Github), and launch it. In the “Advanced” section, click on “Import a main package” and then launch the Windows 10 installer once done. And voila.

It should be noted that the installer works only as an installation wizard, it will be up to the user to obtain the image of Windows 10 modified to work on an ARM architecture as well as the various components (main package) required. by Windows 10 to work (the steps are explained by the developers here ).

While waiting for an official version of the Microsoft system

If the Raspberry Pi 3 is better known for running under a GNU / Linux distribution, more particularly Debian, this new possibility which is offered to users to go through a version, even quite traditional, of Windows 10 on the ARM architecture, is a one more step towards abolishing restrictions on the use of this material.

Indeed, officially, it is not possible to install Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi, at best users can fall back on the Windows 10 IoT distribution, which is an operating system rather intended for the control of connected objects, for professionals.

Hence the design of the tool to launch a bootable version of Windows 10 by the developer.

It is now possible to install Windows 10 very easily on the Raspberry Pi 3

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