It takes only 80 minutes for a gang to recruit a teen on Snapchat

The story happened two years ago. A 14-year-old teenager responded to a message on Snapchat . 80 minutes later, he is taken away by gangsters and finds himself selling drugs. A gang trained the young man to become a drug dealer. The thugs taught him the tricks of the trade. He sold heroin, crac and cocaine to drug addicts for just under 3,000 euros a day. After a week, his mother and rescuers found him.

It's not all good social media dating. This young boy understood it the hard way. After chatting with strangers, he lived a delinquent life. He ended up with a group of criminals. Recently, he anonymously recounted his ordeal to the BBC .

It takes only 80 minutes for a gang to recruit a teen on Snapchat
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The teenager, who ran away from home, looked for a way to have something to survive. He believes he found it while replying to a post he saw on Snapchat that offered money and a roof over their heads in exchange for services.

80 minutes to be recruited as a dealer

Less than an hour and a half after his first messages, he finds himself face to face with criminals who take him away and offer him to sell drugs.

"To be honest with you, it was born from a simple message … At the end of 1h20 after our exchanges, they were already there", he tells the BBC during an interview in which he insisted on remain anonymous.

The gangster group formed him quickly. They taught her how to hide the drugs in her body. They took advantage of the fact that the young man was not yet of legal age.

“Concretely, when you get arrested by the police, they can't do a body search or something like that, obviously because I was a minor, that's why they used me to hide the goods. . "

The boy

Dealers use dedicated phone lines

County gangs are proceeding by telephone regarding their transactions. They use dedicated phone lines. These offenders send mass messages to their client in order to organize a network. They then look for couriers. The thugs rather target minors as well as vulnerable people, more discreet, to transport drugs. The thinking head remains in the shadows.

The teenager made about 500 euros per order and comes back 5 times a day. It mainly supplied confirmed drug addicts.

The use of social networks to recruit new links to these gangs is not an isolated fact. British police are trying to stem this scourge. She works both with parents, anti-drug associations and anti-gang platforms. This process has borne fruit given the reunion of the teenager with his family.

Social networks can be traps, especially for younger people. The teenager's mother therefore advised other parents to monitor their children's dating. She does not wish anyone to go through the same ordeal as her.

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