It took lasers to create the wallpaper for Windows 10

Windows 10 is expected in a little over a month and we now have a pretty good idea of its functions and features. Microsoft has still kept a few trumps up its sleeve. The firm has also just presented the new wallpaper of its operating system and as much to say that it did not skimp on the effects … and on the budget.

Proof of this is that she did not entrust this project to just anyone and so she recruited a certain Bradley G. Munkowitz to design this famous wallpaper.

It Took Lasers To Create The Wallpaper For Windows 10

Windows 10 has just found an official wallpaper.

If this name means anything to you, it's perfectly normal because this artistic director is very popular in the industry and he has even distinguished himself on multiple occasions by working on feature films such as TRON or Oblivion.

Lasers and a smoke machine to create the Windows 10 wallpaper

Microsoft therefore called on its services to imagine, design and produce the wallpaper that will be displayed by default by Windows 10. Sacred responsibility, right?

Sure, and he did pretty well if you ask me. The image reflects rather well the role of the system in the new strategy of the firm. A window between two worlds, and more precisely between darkness and light. It necessarily speaks to everyone.

But the good thing to know is that this wallpaper was not designed in Photoshop. Far from it because it is actually a photograph taken by Bradley and his team. To achieve their ends, they relied on different techniques based on the use of lasers and a smoke machine.

They tried quite a bit of trying to achieve this, of course, and so it took them weeks – months? – to get this image. It's pretty crazy but the craziest thing, in the end, is that it will be seen by millions of people around the world.

And if you want to see more, then this “making-of” should be of interest to you.

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