It's confirmed, the R&D departments of OnePlus and Oppo will merge

OnePlus has confirmed the rumor that has been circulating for a few days . The manufacturer's R&D department will merge well with that of Oppo. The brand is however reassuring, and it insisted on the fact that this merger will have no impact on its independence.

It all started with an article published by the DoNews site, an article which basically indicated that OnePlus and Oppo had made the decision to merge their R&D departments.

Its Confirmed The Rd Departments Of Oneplus And Oppo Will Merge

According to the original article, the merger actually dated back to December and all recruitments were now handled by Oppo.

OnePlus and Oppo work hand in hand

Barely hours after the case was brought to the attention of the media – with a large relay to the key – OnePlus therefore issued an official press release confirming the information.

In this press release, the spokesperson for the brand explains that the idea is to maximize the resources of OnePlus to strengthen its positions in the market and at the same time allow it to benefit from the exceptional know-how of its investor, Oppo. It should be remembered that the latter has distinguished itself many times in the past, both in terms of fast charging and photos. The Find X3 Pro, expected for the month of March, should also go very far in this field by offering a sensor coupled to an optic offering a level of magnification close to that of a microscope .

OnePlus is however reassuring. According to the same press release, this merger will have no impact on the independence of the brand. It will therefore be able to continue to develop its products as it sees fit, while having access to Oppo technologies.

A merger that should have beneficial consequences for the next OnePlus smartphones

It may also be useful to remember that OnePlus and Oppo have always been very close to each other. The two brands belong to the same group, BBK, and the two co-founders of OnePlus also met when they worked at Oppo. The merger of their R&D departments is therefore part of the continuity of a relationship that has ultimately always existed.

Also, it is important to note that this merger is only about hardware and therefore OnePlus will continue to work on Oxygen OS as it always has. Same thing obviously on the side of Oppo.

More personally, I think this merger can only have positive repercussions. OnePlus smartphones are great products, there's no doubt about it, but they've always been a bit behind in the photo, an area where Oppo is very good at.

Thanks to this operation, the next OnePlus devices should therefore be able to fill this gap, which ultimately announces good things for the future.

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