Josef Fares (A Way Out) on the Xbox Series X name | S: “It's a real b * rdel”

Those who follow the independent video game news – or who watch the Game Award ceremony – know it well: the game designer Josef Fares never has his tongue in his pocket and it is tactless that he balances what He weighs heavily on his heart – whether it concerns a cultural institution, the technical capabilities of older-generation consoles, or just his self-confidence , Fares is certainly not in the lace.

The founder of the Swedish studio Hazelight has split a few pearls during an interview given for the IGN site about It Takes Two , his next narrative game in co-operation, the release of which is scheduled for March 26 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. In his viewfinder this time: the name of the new Xbox consoles …

Josef Fares A Way Out On The Xbox Series X Name S Its A Real B Rdel

Xbox Series X | S

When the subject shifts to the very recent next-gen consoles, Fares remains pragmatic about their impact on the It Takes Two development cycle: “ I don't care about consoles. What matters to me is the games. Of course I would have liked to have been able to study the new consoles closely [for It Takes Two ]. I'm just glad they're more powerful […] ”.

We should therefore not expect a version expressly dedicated to the next-gen for the future baby of the studio. “ But to be fair, they came so late in our production – obviously the game will have nicer graphics on PS5 and Xbox Series X, but we haven't really had time to tweak them and make a version. special for the PS5? or for the Xbox blah blah… whatever they call it . ”

Call it the Microsoft Box and it's done”

The game designer then went into total tangent about the name of Microsoft's new consoles – and the least we can say is that Fares remains true to its reputation:

“That's a confusing fucking name. What's going on at Microsoft? They're messing around, man. What is happening ? Genre Series S, X, Mex, Next. I mean, who understands that? Call it the Microsoft Box and it's done. I dunno. It's a real b * rdel. Believe me, even them, they understand nothing in their offices. What the hell is that, X, S… I don't get it, fuck. ”