Justice League: The new cut will finally take the form of a movie

While the newJustice League cut by Zack Snyder was originally to be discovered through four long episodes of a series, it will ultimately be a question of broadcasting everything in one block, and always on HBO Max .

What agitation for, finally, the reassembly of a film not really acclaimed by the critics and whose new version should not, a priori, make it reach the status of untouchable masterpiece. The fact remains that thanks to the renowned actors gathered here, the information relating to this project is making a lot of talk and it is difficult to escape the splash.

Justice League: The new cut will finally take the form of a movie

Credit: Warner Bros.

In the manner of a Suicide Squad , Justice League would not have convinced the critics because of a montage not in accordance with the first vision decided for him. Except that in the case of Suicide Squad , the FIRST scenario had been heavily crossed out to the point of losing content. Especially since unlike Zack Synder's film, it will not have the chance to be reworked for a new release.

Justice League's “Snyder Cut” Becomes Movie, But Stays Just As Long

At the DC FanDome held last December, it was announced that the new Justice League cut, developed by the original director, would be revealed on HBO Max through a four-episode mini-series. A choice probably motivated by the length of this assembly, which will thus extend over more or less four hours.

And then recently, during a question and answer session on the Vero network, Zack Snyder confirmed that his new cut will finally take the form of a feature film. AlloCiné , which reports the information, indicates that still according to the filmmaker, this film will not include post-credits scenes. It should be offered in parallel with the cinema if the circumstances allow it.

See you next March to take the risk of yawning in more than one way in front of this modified Justice League , stressing that this output only concerns the United States for the time being. We can also wonder if, for foreign territories, new dubbing will be made or if everything will be offered in the original version with subtitles.

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