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Kaspersky Lab has made a name for itself thanks to its antivirus, but the Russian publisher now has other aspirations and it wants to make a name for itself in a relatively crowded market: that of operating systems. It has indeed just lifted the veil on a new ultra secure system, a system soberly called… Kaspersky OS .

The firm started working on this solution in 2002 and it therefore took fourteen years to achieve its goals. She had also mentioned her product for the first time in 2012 , through a note signed by its founder, Eugene Kaspersky.

Kaspersky Launches In

Kaspersky OS is all set, and the first product to take advantage of it is this Switch.

In the meantime, the engineers of the company have obviously not been idle, because they have finalized the solution and the latter has just started its home stretch.

Kaspersky OS has just started its home stretch

Contrary to what one might think, Kaspersky OS will not compete with Windows or even OS X. This system is indeed not made to work on our computers, but rather on network equipment. The first device to take advantage of this will also be a level 3 switch manufactured by Kraftway, a Russian company.

On paper, this doesn't sound very exciting, but this system could change a lot of things in the years to come since it will secure all connected devices on the network in an instant.

This detail is also far from trivial, because our computers, our hybrid machines and our touch pads will not be the only ones to benefit from his largesse. Thanks to it, we should also be able to secure access to our connected objects, which may prove to be rather useful.

An operating system to secure network equipment

Kaspersky also seems to have revised its copy, because the CEO of the company had indicated in his first note that the product was aimed exclusively at sensitive environments, such as industrial sites. If we believe the partnership with Kraftway, then this operating system would target all network equipment.

Unfortunately, we don't know much about the product yet, except that it is not based on a Linux kernel. Kaspersky has actually preferred to start from scratch to develop its system and it works like this thanks to a microkernel developed by the publisher.

Which brings us to another question: will the product be open source? If not, then it risks losing quite a bit of its interest in the eyes of security experts. Good news, however, thanks to the architecture chosen by the publisher, Kaspersky OS will be fully capable of running code from third parties.

For the rest, we will have to wait for the next blog post.

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