Kingsloot Wallet Review

Kingsloot Wallet Review
Kingsloot traditional wallet review

Easy access to credit cards, insurance cards and more, and yet thin enough to carry in your front pocket. It’s the only style wallet my husband will use. Bought a second one for my son in law, and will now order a third to give to my daughter.

Kingsloot Traditional Wallet ReviewKings Loot offers four wallets (Journey, Bifold, Traditional, and Her Journey), a Money Clip, and RFID Sleeve as their product assortment. My choice was the Bifold Wallet. It holds 10-12 cards, front thumb slide for most used cards, and a pull tab for easy access to six cards. This was the wallet that I had searched for the past few months. I chose Stone Grey as my color choice among the many different color choices they offer. Their Journey, Bifold, and Traditional wallets are available in Executive Blue, Buckskin, Midnight Black, Mocha Brown, Stone Grey, or Lamborghini Red. The Her Journey wallet is available in Lavender, Mint, Caramel, or Red. Included in my purchase was a free Money Clip and RFID Sleeve, a $34 value. This was a deal too good to pass up. I couldn’t wait to get my new and last wallet.

The King Loot Journey wallet includes your cash and 6 to 8 vital cards, which is minimalist and sleek in nature. The King’s Loot Journey wallet has been built for comfort and is ideal for pants and jeans and has RFID protection and a comfortable slider to easily reach your cards.

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I am very excited to start using my new and last wallet. The pull tab for easy access to cards is a feature that sets their wallet apart from their competition. This was clearly a well designed feature for optimal functionality. Their Kings Care Replacement For Life Guarantee helped me buy with confidence and reassured me that I’m buying a product that is fully backed by the company. Most importantly though is that I bought from a company who brought an idea to life. The family sold their home and invested their life savings into their new adventure and achieved success. These are the reasons I bought from Kings Loot and I highly recommend them to you.

When everyone goes to a future cashless company where you can pay with your mobile, a slim wallet becomes all you need.

A good one would be comfortable even in your pocket and giving you joy — or maybe even a compliment — each time you remove it. (George, thank you for the value of a month’s crumbled receipts).

The last wallet you’ll ever own. How many times have I been told that something I buy I’ll never have to buy again? It always seems like a gimmick and a marketing attempt to sway a purchasing decision. It’s always too good to be true. However that is not the case with Kings Loot Kings Care. This is truly the last wallet I will ever own. Not only because of the features of the wallet, but because they guarantee a replacement for life. There’s no gimmicks, catches or false advertising on this guarantee. All I have to do is simply mail back the wallet at any time for any reason. It’s that simple. Let’s say for example my cat decides to use my wallet as his own personal toy and scratches it? It’s covered. What if I accidentally scratch the leather? It’s covered. The only thing Kings Care doesn’t cover is a lost or stolen wallet. At that point I’d have much bigger problems than sourcing a new wallet. Kings Care is the real deal and enabled me to buy with confidence.

Upon receiving the package I was impressed with the care that went into the packaging. This wasn’t a wallet that was just thrown into an envelope and shipped. A lot of time and care went into the wallet I received. This meant a lot to me and it shows the type of company that Kings Loot is. They genuinely care about their customers, products, and brand.


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Fitting a big bulky wallet into a pair of jeans or dress pants is always a challenge. I just couldn’t take it anymore. There’s a lot of wallet options out there. I had a pretty strict criteria. I wanted it to be RFID blocking, leather, lightweight, functional, and small. My new wallet had to help me downsize my card carrying assortment.

I only wanted to carry the essentials. I was overwhelmed by my search because I couldn’t find a wallet that met my criteria. Enter Kings Loot. An Instagram ad appeared on my feed randomly one day and once I clicked the ad I knew it was a sign. The exact wallet I was looking for was offered by Kings Loot. I had never heard of Kings Loot and originally thought it may have been a scam. After I did some research and eventually messaged the company directly through Facebook my concerns were quickly dismissed. I was ready to buy.

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